Monday, July 4, 2016

Get Ripped For the Summer - The Kettlebell Circuit of Hercules!

I don't know if Hercules would have even needed to do any circuit training, but I think he could appreciate this kettlebell circuit! If you are wanting to get ripped for this Summer then you need to add this workout to your current body construction program.

Get Ripped

To start, I would recommend that just about anyone include this workout into their personal exercise program. All it takes is a single set of kettlebells. For the sake of this article I will cater the weight to fit that of an above average strongman and everyone else can adjust the intensity (weight) accordingly.

I will say that the following circuit will be performed with two 20kg (44 lb) bells. To start, you need an open space. Begin the circuit by using a single bell to execute a series of 30 double-arm swings. After the swings immediately use the same bell to execute 30 overhead snatches (15 each arm). The third and final movement in this is to perform 30 overhead jerks (15 each arm). Once you are finished executing all of these exercises with the single bell then move on to using both bells to do the same 3 movements. The only difference is to reduce the reps by 10 because of the added intensity of the second kettlebell. Get ready to gain some serious cardiovascular conditioning, strength, and rapid weight and fat-loss. The only thing you will gain from this is 100% pure lean muscle mass!

Don't waste anymore time. Go get the results you want for the Summertime. Make Hercules proud!

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